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Here you can download my dive simulation program Tausim (an abbreviation for TAUchen - diving - and SIMulation). It's based on the ZH-L16 model by A.A. Bühlmann. The program is written for the DOS operating system, but can also be run under Windows NT, 98, 95 and 3.11, and, of course, works fine with the DOS emulator in Linux ! The Linux penguin ! :-) The preparation of the Linux version is delayed. :-( The current DOS version is patched and runs fine on cpus up to 800 MHz (but runs on old computers, too) --- I know, it's time for the Linux version ! :-) May be this autumn/winter !

Changes in version 0.99 :

Now Tausim is available in English ! On starting the program you can choose between German and English.

It's now possible to save dive profiles in the UDCF format. At the time no reading of UDCF files is implemented.

Changes in version 0.98 :

Some minor problems have been fixed. Also the calculation of the do-not-fly time (DNF) is extended. Additionally the 4800m level is taken into account, too. Aladin series dive computer use this level to calculate the DNF, advertising with the enhanced security. But opposite to the Aladin dive computers, which take into account only the mid range tissues for the DNF calculation, Tausim uses all possible compartments, resulting in longer DNF times.

After finishing a dive now a table with the saturation data and DNF times is shown. This should give you a better overview on the (de)saturation of the compartments.

In the current version I fixed two minor details. First, after loading a saved profile a successive dive is only then possible, if the loaded profile has been completely calculated (i.e., if you terminate the calculation with ESC, you cannot perform a successive dive). Second, now all shown dive profiles can be loaded and not only the first 15.

For an introduction please have a look on these articles : Saturation effects in diving, the Model ZH-L16, operation of dive computers and also the site by Steffen for these topics !

The next Tausim version will be for Linux. This version 0.99 is the last for DOS. From now on I will only develop the Linux version. Planned features are :

Here follow some images of the graphical interface of Tausim :

This is the graphical interface ! In the upper left corner the current data of time, depth, remaining bottom time and no-stop time are given. To the right warnings are shown. Inside the tank the air supply is shown. The diagram in the upper right corner displays the saturation data of the 16 compartments. The violet bars show the saturation concerning depth (in case a compartment is saturated to ambient pressure the bar shows 100%). The red bars show the saturation concerning the maximal tolerated excess pressure, respectively. In case a red bar has a value beyond 100%, decompression sickness is most likely to occur.

GUI of Tausim

Pressing F5 activates the ascent calculation. In this case Tausim calculates the remaining bottom time with all necessary deco stops for the current depth. Reaching the surface only the reserve pressure remains inside the tank. Default is not to calculate an ascent profile. One reason is the computation is costly and on older computers the performance may be slowed down. Another is "educational" (a bad word :-) ) : in emergency the normal air supply may be not sufficient. Therefore the tank should not be emptied down to the reserve pressure. In case always an ascent profile would be given, this would lead astray to use the whole air supply down to the limits.

example for an ascent profile calculation

Here some warnings are shown. In case of unwise behaviour Tausim displays them together with an beep (if not deactivated).

example for warnings

In the following image a DATATRAK dive profile was loaded and then recalculated. The white vertical line gives the current position. In this case the profile was completely calculated and the desaturation data are given in the lower right corner.

Aladin dive profiles are recorded and saved in 20 second steps. Though Tausim uses 1 minute steps in its simulation mode, the Aladin profiles are calculated in 20 second steps, of course.

example for the recalculation of an Aladin dive profile

Download Tausim v0.99, 15.1.2001 (self-extracting file, 127KB)

Tausim source code in a zipped file (10KB) - Please note : all variables, constants, and comments are in German ! :-)

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